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Taste Bazar Food Delivery


We have finally come up with something that Kolkata can relate too. Taste Bazar is aimed to provide delivery of food at OFFICE and to the ELDERLY PEOPLE who can’t cook their food any more due to poor health condition at the same time cooks or maids have become too expensive these days. Also there is no guarantee that cooks will come daily for work but as a business it’s our commitment that we will reach food to them at their door step in any situation and troubled weather.

Home delivery of healthy food and advised by doctors are our main USP. So at the time of booking if you mention that you have diabetes then we will make sure that your food will not contain potato or any kind of sugar. As a result you will get complete diabetic food from our set up. In office we tend to supply energy centric food, that will boost your energy and you will be fit and fine till the whole day during working hours. In Taste Bazar we also take party orders with specialty dishes that are may not be available within your reach always or even if it’s available in restaurants, but that may pinch your pocket a big time. We can assure that our party foods are completely different than you have got so far in the market.

What we focus upon


Office Breakfast/Lunch

Delicious, healthier options served hot and fresh right on to your that will help you stay focused and productive at work.

Private Event

Whatever you choose, our food will taste every bit as good at your gathering as it would have been in any gourmet restaurant.

Elderly Bazar

Specially designed menu for the dietary needs of seniors, to help promote longevity and a healthy lifestyle.

Festive Orders

Express Delivery for finger licking platters during the festive seasons to lighten up your mood through your tastebuds.